FYI Writers, SelfPubAdviceCon Tomorrow!

SelfPubAdvice Conference commences again over the w/e. I believe it’s rooted in the UK and led by Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) Orna Ross who for many years has been devoted to teaching/offering writers the self publishing option. These sessions are free and worth your time, especially if you’re not a ‘known name’ yet want your works to be published. I’ve attended for the last several years and learn a lot about this arm of #publishing that ‘waxes and wanes’ over the years….IMO, #selfpublishing is enjoying a ‘waxe-ing’ period right now likely due to the continued shrinking of #traditionalpublishing options out here. This ‘Advice’ conference offers good advice as evidenced by the sponsorship it draws from @amazonkindle @ingramsparkbooks & #Bowker, publishing and distribution companies that add to SelfPubCon’s ‘cred.’
Starts tomorrow morning, 10/29/22 at 9 am (UK) & 5 AM (EST)
If you see me there/here🤣, say ‘Hi’
#selfpub #selfpubadvice
copy this link for more info & to register



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