Marketers Feeding Off the Gullible Among Writers

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Marketers know something about selling to writers-aim at the low hanging fruit, the gullible among us. When self publishing became a ‘thing,’ many out here decided to try their hand at writing. After all, they’d had an idea they believed was ‘best selling’ and lo & behold! here comes this ‘Pro’ to help them turn that idea into a book, worthy enough to fly off shelves of online bookstores. Dreams can come true if you just follow this Pro who made his/her dream come true in (usually) less time than it takes for the rest of us, real working writers, to write a shitty first draft. If you just take his FREE online introductory course designed for writers like you, your path to publication can mirror his, best selling in no time and in the case of this marketer? His book was so great he turned down a contract with Simon & Schuster. Meanwhile his name doesn’t pop up in any online store but no worries, he’s got an explanation for that, too.

We know that gullible people exist. After the greatest of all scammers weaseled his way into the White House, we know there’s plenty of gullible folks following these snake oil salesmen. He wants your money. This particular marketer makes enough scamming to buy advertisement on social media platforms. His ad in bold below is missing any contact info purposely. I deleted it and post this as a warning to the gullible among us. Nothing’s free and should you really want to become a storyteller of any genre, remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and profesional careers aren’t, either.

If you’re really serious about honing craft enough to pen a decent read, join read and critique groups, attend writers conferences, enroll in community college courses and read! read! read! books in your genre, especially.

Don’t throw your time and hard earned money away. (Yes, he’ll hook you with a freebie workshop followed by “and for the reasonable price of $$, I’ll get you to the best selling world of authors where you rightfully belong.”

Marketer’s Instagram ad running now that inspired this post:

Still looking to write a nonfiction book or memoir but don’t know where to start? Here’s the roadmap to get it written and published in as little as 90 days

Spoiler alert: I wrote my first book as a broke 22-year-old. It only took me 10 days.

So you can imagine the stunned look on my face when it proceeded to net me $15,000 in royalties…Plus a publishing offer from Simon & Schuster (which I declined) Because I soon discovered that Hoity Toity Publishers only exist just to rip off folks like you and me…

Not to provide a launchpad for a successful journey into writing.

So I spent the next 7 years working with X — the same publishing house trusted by (names deleted) and many more — to help aspiring authors self-publish properly, professionally, and profitably.

And today, I’m inviting you to my new free book writing workshop called…

“The “Punchy Author” Method To Go From ZERO To Influential Author In 90 Days”

You can save your spot here:

If you’ve been spinning your wheels…

Struggling to come with a compelling topic…

Unable to map out the Table of Contents…

Or worse, if you’ve given up hope halfway through your first draft…

My free book writing workshop is exactly what you need.

Inside, I’ll show you exactly how to go from zero to published author in as little as 90 days…

Without shameless self-promotion or social media hustling.

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Writers, beware of the shysters among us.




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