Authors & Book Promotion, 21st Century Style

2 min readMay 22, 2023


Authors, here’s an opportunity to pop your book up above all the book selling noise out here by adding an author interview to your ‘platform expansion’ efforts.

Authors and Book Promotion, 21st Century Style debut recently featured multi-self published (15 novels) author Gayle Carline discussing the steep hill marketing climb that never ends. Shares some tips with Writersmama learned along the way, her first book was published in 2010.

Writersmama 2nd interview with memoirist Dr Mary Hill-Wagner offers information about the benefits of pragmatic thinking when looking for a literary agent and once she secured one, the hunt to find a publisher.

Memoirist Dr. Mary Hill discusses Lit Agents & Book Promotion w. Writersmama

The goal of Authors and Book Promotion, 21st Century Style: to deliver information useful writers on their own roads to publication, regardless of publishing path pursued

Off an aid to authors promoting their books.

My next interview is with an Y/A author who decided to publish her novel through a hybrid press.

Authors interested in being considered, email and please read the opening of this post for details before emailing.


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