This Writer Wants To Know, WTF Am I Doing Wrong?

When I read these posts from writers making significant money and advising aspiring writers to follow their lead and THEN I read that they’ve been in this BIZ for two years? I shake my head.

WTF am I doing wrong? 25 years after starting to carve a name/reputation in the writing biz and these writers are killing it money-wise after two years on the freelance job?

WTF am I doing wrong? That these elite money making writers are also ghostwriters making a killing ghost writing and I had to have books published by legit publishers and a string of published clips before people searching for ghostwriters would even consider me for that job?

WTF am I doing wrong? I’d like to know.

Seriously, I would like to know so anyone making this kind of money and who can offer advice to this veteran writer, please do. I’d really like to know…

WTF am I doing wrong?



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